The phenomena "Caesarism" and how reasonable is it

"Caesarism" in delivery


There is nothing better than the Normal Delivery (ND)

For the mother, it allows her to take the child immediately and to service the child quick feeding and suckling of baby.

The absence of pain from the operative wound, quick recovery and return to the normal (sexual too) life is the other advantage of the normal delivery. The possibility to play sports is real too.

It should be mentioned also the joy of the relatives from the good status of the young mother and the lack of necessity of assistant in the post delivery recovery.

It is right even to mention the economical aspect one normal delivery is related to less costs.

Yes, but still more often it is impossible. Why?



As leading indications for operative delivery (OD) are stated:

- Dystokias: non-advancing delivery this includes various degrees of narrowed pelvis, big fetus, pelvic-head disproportion.

- Incorrect presentations of fetus incl. also breech, especially in delivery of twins.

- Hemorrhage in the 3rd trimester of pregnancy (placenta presentation, placenta detachment)

- Passed Caesarean section (CS) (trial for ND may be undertaken in preceding CS of more than 2 years)

- Fetus abnormalities.

- Preceding uterine operations

- Fetal distress asphyxia (suffering related to reduced oxygen supply) of fetus incl. also antepartal (prior to beginning of the active delivery activity) Normal delivery is carried out under permanent monitoring of the heart tones of the child

- Diabetes.

- Intrauterine retardation (intrauterine retardation of fetus development)

- Preeclampsia - lesion related to pregnancy and leading to suffering of mother and baby

- Viral infections genital herpes and carrier of high risky human Papilloma viruses

- Adult first time parturients related to the obstetrician status, the bigger frequency of co-lesions, preceding sterility, various forms of assisted reproduction inseminations, In vitro, ICSI


For us, the physicians at Vita Hospital, delivery is related to care, responsibility and professionalism to the united complex - Parturient and her Child (Children)!

Therefore we use and apply the total arsenal of science, technics and experience, in order to be tranquil and satisfied that all the women, that have chosen to give life to their children with us, shall be serviced professionally and shall go back to their homes healthy and happy. 


Dr. Anna Chorbova Head of OG Department at Vita Hospital



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