Department of Orthopaedics and Traumatology

World tendency not only in orthopedics, but in many other surgical specialties, is the operations to be performed with minimal trauma for the patient and fast post-operative recovery.

The department of orthopedics and traumatology offers complex treatment by:

•    Sport injuries and damage
•    Inflammation to the  musculoskeletal system
•    Fractures
•    Bone deformations
•    Joint damage (cartilage damage, arthrosis)

Besides the more conservative methods of treatment and traditional operating techniques our department of orthopedics practices arthroscopic surgery with priority. Performing arthroscopy on ankles, knees, hips, elbows, shoulders.

Arthroscopic surgery, performed at Vita:

•    Ankles
•    Knees
•    Hip Joint
•    Elbow
•    Shoulder

In the last few years the focus in orthopedics shifted towards conserving the joints for as long as possible (instead of an endoprosthesis replacement). Different methods are being applied to make this possible (hondroplastic, osteotomy, hyaluronic acid and others).

Computer-aided surgery:

Operational treatment of bone deformity with 3D computer modeling.

Selective osteoinduction – innovative surgical method by osteonecrosis and fractures to the hip joint, with which to delay or avoid endoprosthesis to the joint.

Vita hospital also offers specialized surgery on hands: cracking fingers, arthritis, De Kerven, tendovaginitis, carpal tunnel, cubital tunnel, epicondylitis, periarthritis to the shoulder joint, difficulties after fractures to an upper limb, damage to nerves and tendons, arthrosis to the thumbs, ganglions and cysts and others.

The patients and Vita receive the latest in modern anesthesia. The department of anesthesiology and intense care provides twenty four hour first-grade, specialized, consultative, ambulatory and stationary care from professionals in this field.

The department anesthesiology and intense care has at its disposal a few of the best professionals in this area and modern equipment, made from world renowned manufacturers, to ensure you with the best and safest treatment, by every operation and medical intervention.



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