Department of Surgery

Surgery is a complex medical specialty, which covers operative treatment of various organs and systems in the human body. The Department of surgery at Vita Hospital is dealing in the area of abdominal surgery, with an emphasis on laparoscopic surgery, as well as conventional techniques. With the prior giving great post-operative recovery, as well as minimal pain and a fine cosmetic result.

Vita Hospital performs the following surgeries: gallblader, appendix, hernia to the stomach wall, diaphragmatic hernia, operation to the duodenum and the stomach, the large and small intestine, all surgeries to the perianal spaces by cysts, abscess, fistulae and hemorrhoids. The department offers ultrasound assisted Hemorrhoidal artery ligation, which is one of the best and modern ways to treat hemorrhoids. The department is equipped with the best apparatus for this procedure, the HAL-RAR system, manufactured by AMI (Agency for Medical Inovations).

The patients in Vita Hospital receive the latest of modern anesthesia. The department of Anesthesiology and intense care provides twenty four hour first-grade, specialized, consultative, ambulatory and stationary care from professionals in this field.

The department Anesthesiology and intense care has at its disposal a few of the best professionals in this area and modern equipment, made from world renowned manufacturers, to ensure you with the best and safest treatment, by every operation and medical intervention.

 At  Vita Hospital apply all modern types of anesthesia: general intubation (inhalation), intravenous (short, long), regional anesthesia (epidural, spinal) and anesthesia  during birth.



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