Diagnostic and Consulting Center

The main aim of clinical microbiology is to isolate, specify the species of the infectious agent and its sensitivity to antimicrobial drugs.

This laboratory is able to carry out microbiological diagnosis by cultivations and antibiograms, serodiagnostics of wide range of infectious diseases, bacterial and fungal as well as viral one.

The agents of uroinfections, sexually transmitted diseases, diarrhea syndrome, infections of upper and lower respiratory tract, infections of sensory organs, wound, skin, joints and other lesions are proved at the laboratory.

Microbiological diagnosis is significant one, because it directs the attending physician and the patient to the exact agent and the most adequate antibiotic treatment. Thus, the lesion is affected quickly and the patient is not subjected to useless or incompatible antibiotic therapy which may harm the organism and burden it economically.



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