For the time being VITA DYSPLASIA CENTER is the sole Specialized center for early diagnosis and destructive treatment of pre-cancerous status of female genitals in this country.

What dysplasia is?

At least once in their life more than 70% of the women meet the infection caused by human papilloma virus (HPV). In a bigger part of them, infection passes insensibly and often it is self-healed by the immune system. In a smaller part of women, this infection may advance and insensible by bare eye changes may be noticed on genital mucosa and skin, possessing the potential to turn into invasive cancer.

Commonly these changes are named dysplasia. They are located mainly on the external genitals, vaginal walls, vaginal part and channel of uterine neck. Their early revealing and correct treatment in practice liquidates the danger from being transformed into morbid tumor.

What Dysplasia Center is?

Specialized structure of experts (oncogynecologists, histopathologists, cytologists) with a priority trend to early revealing, diagnostic clarification, adequate treatment with subsequent monitoring of pre-cancerous and benign changes of female genitals.

Diagnostics and treatment is carried out at ambulatory (without hospitalization).

Diagnostic methods:
- Cytology (PAP, liquid-based cytology)
- Test for high-risk human papilloma viruses – DNA typification and onco-Е6/Е7 RNA test
- Colposcopy( examination of uterine neck and vaginal walls by optical device)
- Episoscopy (examination of external genitals , perineal and perianal zone by optical device)
- Biopsy  (painless sampling of tissue for histological examination and diagnostics)
- Office-hysteroscopy (inspection of uterine neck and cavity by optical system) and clips biopsy, if necessary
- Expert histological diagnostics

Therapeutic methods:
Only the therapeutic methods recommended by EFC and IFCPC are applied:
- Ablative treatment
- LLETZ /lesion-only resection/
- LLETZ conization

All diagnostic and therapeutic procedures as well as post-therapeutic monitoring is carried out at strict observation of the actual recommendations of the Bulgarian Society of Obstetrics and Gynecology /BSАG/, European Federation of Colposcopy /EFC/ and the International Federation of Cervical Pathology and Colposcopy /IFCPC/.

Each therapeutic procedure is accompanied by medical documentation, attesting dysplasia and describing in details the treatment type (protocol) and monitoring style.

Contact telephone is available for the patients.



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