Internal discipline rules

Internal discipline rules at “Vita” comply with the safety and hygienic rules for all hospital institutions. The use of alcohol is prohibited on the hospital territory as well as smoking – there is detached place in the yard for the latter.

At “Vita” Hospital we pay special attention on the patient’s right to be familiar with everything that concerns his/her health. The patient is entitled on detailed information about the possible therapeutic forms and their advantages and disadvantages. The aim of all physicians at “Vita” is that the patients really achieve informed consent about the selection and the details of the treatment undertaken.


 Rights and liabilities of the patients:


Art. 25/1/ The patients, treated at “Vita” Multidisciplinary Hospital for Active Treatment, are entitled:

  1. To be informed about the character of their lesion, the sense of the necessary examinations and treatment, the reason necessitating hospitalization and the measures to be undertaken for protection of relapses and complications;
  2. To accept or reject the applied treatment;
  3. To be acquainted with the internal discipline rules;
  4. To be examined and treated in time by application of modern methods and aids, and the co-cares to be applied with the necessary skill, attention and respect;
  5. To be guaranteed the secretion of the data about their morbid status;
  6. To enjoy the support of their family and relatives during the treatment at the hospital;
  7. To maintain contact with life outside the hospital by granting the possibility of telephone communications, purchase of newspapers and magazines, use of radio and TV for information;
  8. To receive good in-hospital services.

/2/ For patients under 18 years or under custody, the rights as per paragraph 1 shall be lodged by their legal representatives.


Art. 26/1/ The patients, treated at “Vita” Multidisciplinary Hospital for Active Treatment are obliged:

  1. To assist the attending physicians and other medical or assistance staff for timely examinations, treatment and co-cares;
  2. To pay the necessary attention and respect to the hospital staff;
  3. To observe the internal discipline rules
  4. To observe the rights of the other patients

/2/ The liabilities as per paragraph 1 of the persons under 18 years and those under custody, shall be due by them as far as they understand the character and meaning of the acts and if they can manage them.



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