06 February 2023

Is the stomach Botox procedure a miracle treatment for overweight patients? - Dr. Jhenya Georgieva - gastroenterologist at Vita Hospital gives us the answer

Recently the number of people who suffer from overweight has increased significantly. Almost 30% of the entire population suffers from it. This condition effects people not only in an aesthetic sense, but also could expose them to some potentially life...
06 December 2022

Do you suffer from constant fatigue, anxiety, depression etc. Have you checked the condition of your liver? – interview with Dr. Vasil Koinarski – gastroenterologist at Vita Hospital

Dr. Vasil Koinarski has been part of the team of specialist at Vita Hospital and Vita diagnostics center since august of 2022. He is a gastroenterologist with over 8 years of medical experience. Dr. Koinarski’s professional interests are focused ...
12 May 2021

What are the reasons leading to obesity and how to tackle it successfully? – an interview with Dr. Maya Hristosova – endocrinologist at Vita Hospital.

- Dr. Hristosova, what constitutes obesity? Obesity is a chronical condition, in which there is an increased accumulation of fat in the body of the patient. It’s a metabolic disease with an epidemic character and is one of the leading causes for...
29 January 2020

Vita In Vitro Center has signed a contract with the Center for Assisted reproduction

On the 29th of January 2020 Vita In Vitro Center" has signed a contract with the "Center for Assisted reproduction once again, as proof for its outstanding results and professionalism in its field.Vita In Vitro Center is the first assiste...
23 January 2020

Vita Hospital announced the new liposuction price list

Since the 23rd of January 2020 Vita Hospital announced the new liposuction price list.Liposuction is one of the most commonly wanted interventions, both by women as well as by men. It is a surgical technique for the removal of local accumulation of...


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