Center for the treatment of pain

Pains treated by us

The examination at the Center for the treatment of pain lasts not less than 45 minutes. Special attention is paid to the patient, who is followed closely and questioned for the least details. The total available documentation is examined, and thereafter comprehensive examination is carried out on the pain site.

The patient is on the first place, explanation is given to him/her, being allowed to give a meaning of the presented information and to take informed decision about the proposed further therapeutic conduct.

We treat successfully:

- Drug-resistant pain;
- Trigeminal neuralgia;
- Headache;

- Pain in the region of face and neck;
- Occipital neuralgia;
- Pain in the region of shoulder and thorax;
- Waist pain;
- Pain in sacroiliac joint and tail bone;
- Discogenic pain;
- Spinal stenosis pain;
- Pain of post laminectomy syndrome;
- Pain of cervical radiculopathy, spondylosis, discal herniation, neuropathic pain (diabetic, post-herpetic), complex regional pain syndrome;
- Herpes zoster pain;
- Painful diabetic neuropathy;
- Phantom pain;
- Ischemic pain in extremities;

- Refractive angina pectoris;
- Post-herpes neuralgia;
- Pain of vascular insufficiency: Raynaud syndrome, vasospasm, embolism, trauma, sclerodermia, frost bite, obliterating vascular disease;
- Pain of thrombophlebitis with expressed edema after vascular reconstruction procedures, pain of persisting infection/ulcers of leg;
- Hyperhydrosis of upper and lower extremity;
- Primary or metastatic pain, resulting from organs located in the upper part of abdominal cavity;
- Chronic visceral pain – chromic pancreatitis, renal polycystosis;
- Neuropathic pain after radiation therapy;

- Pelvic pain resistant to pharmacological treatment;
- Differentiation of visceral from somatic pelvic pain;
- Pain relief in patients with pelvic oncological process (uterine neck, proximal part of vagina, uterine, ovaries, prostate, rectum);
- Differential diagnosis and treatment of pain in anorectal and perineal region (especially in oncological diseases of rectum, uterine neck, perineum, urinary bladder, endometrium);
- Pain and tenesmus after radiation therapy and/or effected operative anastomosis;
- Inflammatory pain in distal colon and rectum;
- Penile pain after transurethral resection of the prostate (TURP);
- Chronic pelvic pain in endometriosis, interstitial cystitis, irritable bowel syndrome;
- Treatment of acute pain: post-operative analgesia, vascular insufficiency, acute herpes zoster, palliation of oncological pain in patients with expected life duration of several weeks to several months;



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