Center for the treatment of pain


More than 1.5 billion people all over the world suffer from chronic pain and it is the most frequent reason for the patients to seek physician’s aid. Between 3 and 4 % of the population suffer from neuropathic pain. The most frequent nononcologic pain is the one in the waist – 27 %, followed by headache and migraine – 15 %, pain in the neck – 15 %, pain in the facial region – 4 %.

At definite stage of their life, over 90 % of the people have pain in the spinal column and intervertebral disks and joints, spinal nerves as well as sacroiliac joints could be the reason for it.

Regretfully, in more than 40% of the patients, subjected to surgical intervention, it does not lead to alleviation of suffering. Pain is one of the most unpleasant symptoms of oncologic lesion. In advanced stages it is presented in 50 – 70 % of the patients, and in 10-15 % of them it does not yield to medical  treatment. The sad statistics is that about 28 % of the oncologic patients die in strong pains at their home, in spite of the prescribed analgesics.

All patients with moderate to strong pain which is difficult to be coped and/or is potential to chronification are indicated for consultation with pain specialist and assessment for use of interventional techniques of analgesia. Influence on pain is possible by two different modes: either by medication or by analgesic interventions. In spite of administration of drugs for this aim, no satisfactory level of analgesia is achieved in about 15 % of the patients. They are the applicants to use intervention technique for treatment of pain and may be divided into two big groups:

    1. Modulation (diagnostic/prognostic/therapeutic) – the aim is to prove the pain source and its blockade for definite period of time.
    2. Ablative – the aim is to eliminate the nerve structures, responsive for the pain, and achievement of long-term analgesia.


The Center for the Treatment of Pain already exists at VITA Hospital, where excellently trained specialists in this aspect are employed. The patients can be examined there and their present therapy is to be optimized. If necessary, information may be presented about the various intervention possibilities to influence their pain – oncologic or non-oncologic.

Successfully may be treated:

    • Oncologic pain
    • Pain in the region of head and neck
    • Pain in the region of shoulders and thorax
    • Pain the region of spinal column
    • Pain in the region of extremities

All people who seek assistance and treatment may book hours for examination and specification of therapy on tel. +359 2 45 22 000 at VITA hospital.



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