Mladen Mladenov M.D.

Mladen Mladenov M.D. Specialty:
Since 1997 - specialist mammologist at “Vita” Hospital

Since 1996 - Specialist and the Clinic of Mammology for diagnosis and surgical treatment at the 1st Hospital of Obstetrics and Gynecology “Saint Sofia”

Education: higher, medicine, Higher Institute of Medicine – Sofia, 1992

Specializations and acknowledged specialties:
1993 - 1997 – specialisation (resident) in obstetrics and gynecology, Specialised obstetric gynecology hospital “Sveta Sofia”
2003 – 2006 specialization in Oncology in National Cancer Institute - Sofia

Postgraduate education and participation in scientific events:

1996 - Course of “Ultrasound diagnostics”, University gynecology hospital, Sofia
1997 - Course of “Diagnostics and treatment of breast diseases”, National Cancer Institute, Sofia
2003 - Course of “Immediate Breast reconstruction with Becker implant”, Karolinska hospital, M.Wickman, Stockholm
2003, Nov. - Milan, participation in a “Plastic and reconstructive surgery of the breast” conference
2004, March - Hamburg, participation in a 4th European breast cancer conference
2004, May - Dusseldorf, Fellowship in “Oncoplastic breast surgery”, Prof. Audrestch, Interdisciplinary breast center
2004, Jul - Sofia, Workshop “Conservative breast surgery”, Roberto Gennari, - National cancer institute
2004, Sep. - Sofia, Participation in “Breast cancer and Melanoma”, ESO conference
2004, Oct - Budapest, Participation in EURALB
2004, Dec. - Milan, Participation in” European symposium of aesthetic breast surgery”- M.Nava
2005, April - Sentinel node biopsy - course - T.Deliiski - Pleven oncologycal center
2005, June - Milan Oncology and reconstructive breast surgery - course- J.I. Petit-EIO
2005, June - Participation in “Milan breast cancer conference”
2005, Nov - London, “Breast cancer in young women”- participation in the symposium - ESO
2005, Nov - London “Advances in breast cancer treatment”-participation in the symposium-M.Baum
2006, April - Nice Participation in “5th European Breast cancer conference”
2006, April - Nice Workshop of breast ultrasound diagnostics - IBUS
2006, Sep. - Ferrara, “Breast ultrasound and image diagnostics” - IBUS course - H. Madjar,G.Rizatto,E.Durante
2007, Sep. - Barcelona, Surgery meeting for ALTTO and MINDACT trials - M.Piccart-ECCO-
2007, Sep. - Torino participation in “The Breast 2007” congress
2008, March - Florence, Oncoplastic breast surgery techniques, individual course, University hospital of Florence, L.Catallioti
2008, April - Berlin, participation in ”6th European breast cancer conference”.
2008, June - Munich, Nipple sparing mastectomy and immediate breast reconstruction - individual course, Munich Breast surgery clinic at Technical university hospital d-r S. Paepke
2008, Nov. - Klagenfurt, Workshop of aesthetic breast surgery
2008, Dec. - Milano,Attendance at 3rd European symposium of aesthetic and reconstructive breast surgery, Mauritio Nava

- Bulgarian society of obstetrics and gynecology
- Bulgarian society of ultrasound diagnostics



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Vita Hernia Center
Vita Prostate Center
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