Breast augmentation



Increasing of breast size is done by implants.

There are 3 types of implant, depending on their interior content:

1. with compact, highly cohesive silicon,

2. with physiological solution,

3. with hydro gel;

There are two major types implants depending on the shape – round and anatomical. There are a lot of different projections and sizes.

The modern developments of prosthesis with compact, highly cohesive silicon and with textured surfaceare most commonly used. They have the advantage to be produced in different forms and at contact are most close to the sense of contact to your breasts. In eventual puncture or cutting of cover, silicon does not flow out (because it is not liquid). They may be placed below the gland (breast) or below the thoracic muscle

There is a big variety of prosthesis in the modern surgery, differing by size as well as by form. We can select between round prosthesis with low profile and broad basis, round prosthesis with average profile and basis, round prosthesis with high profile and narrower basis, anatomic (drop-like) prosthesis and asymmetric prosthesis.. The cut can be done along the lower border of areole, where it is practically invisible or to be done in the curve below the breast in client’s option. In both cases the woman may breast-feed at eventual future delivery. All this variety allows achieving best results against the individual forms of the patient and her requirements for final result.

What should know the patients prior to being subjected to this operation:

* To be not in the monthly menstruation cycle
* To avoid administration of Aspirin at least a week prior to the intervention
* To avoid eating and drinking 6 hours before operation
* Normally, one night of hospitalization should be foreseen
* She should ware a special bra for a month


             Before                                                                               After                                               




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