Difficulties in conception. Male infertility

The instinct of reproduction and parental instincts are embedded in human nature. Having children is unconditionally accepted as the most important function and a source of happiness in the family. When pregnancy and childbirth go smoothly, no one thinks how many factors contributie to this process, but there are many couples who have trouble conceiving. In more than 40% the reason for this is the man.


Many factors can influence male fertility. Male fertility includes the production of mature sperm capable to fertilize the egg. For this to happen, the man should be able to get and maintain an erection to have a mature and viable sperm and sperm quality, which would allow them to move in the right direction to reach the egg and fertilize it. Problems in any part of this process can lead to difficulty in conceiving. Many factors can affect male fertility.


Some of them are:




Use of too much alcohol.

• Some unlicensed stimulants, such as anabolic steroids or artificial testosterone taken to increase muscle mass.

• Cryptorchidism (undescended testicles) or damage to the testicles.

• Overheating of the testicles (hot tubs, sauna), tight underwear.

• Certain medicines, such as medicines for cancer (chemotherapy).

• Effects of radiation and ionizing radiation.

• Environmental toxins such as pesticides, in the workplace or at home.

Genetic diseases.

• Other health problems, including obesity.


If your partner is not pregnant after a year of regular sex without contraception (or six months if your partner is 35 or over), you should seek help from a qualified andrologist. It is necessary to make semen analysis, which will determine the state of the sperm. This is a good first step for couples with fertility problems. Study is much easier to make and costs a lot less than studies to determine female fertility problems. Conducting this research does not exclude examination of the partner, since about 12% of couples with conceiving problems show diseases in both partnes. Whit proper and timely action to identify the causes and conduction of proper treatment, many families with problems achieve a successful pregnancy and birth of healthy babies.


Dr. Nikolay Milushev


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