Rhinoplastics (Nose job)



Rhino plastics is surgical modeling of nose, as a result of traumas or due to aesthetic need.  There are different techniques, depending on the initial and final result, if it is necessary to affect the osseous part or the chondral only, if it is necessary to reduce the nostrils, grafting of cartilage or placing of prosthesis. In aesthetic rhino plastics, the cut is done inside the nostrils and thus there are no visible external scars. General anesthesia is necessary in the classic rhino plastics affecting the osseous structures. If light correction is done only on the soft chondral front part of nose, corrections with local anesthesia are possible.

What should know the patients before being subjected to such operation:

1. To avoid administration of Aspirin a week prior to the intervention.
2. Blood tests.
3. One night stay in the clinic.
4. Slight swelling around the eyes and on the chicks after the operation, which disappears within several days. There is no strong pain.
5. There are tampons in nostrils in the post-operative period, which stay for 2-3 days and on the nose – plaster dressing, which stays for 7 days. The stitches are self-resorbed.
6. Do not blow your nose in the successive two weeks.
7. If you wear glasses, which are heavy, avoid their wearing in the successive 3-4 weeks.

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               Before                                                                                After                                    



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